Joint County ATV Council

Our Goals

We are committed to assisting the 18 local ATV/UTV clubs associated with JCAC to promote recreational routes and trails in a safe and environmentally friendly manner within each county. We will help each club preserve and maintain existing ATV/UTV routes and trails while seeking possibilities for expanding into new recreational areas. JCAC will work to help coordinate efforts of the local ATV/UTV clubs  with  government agencies having jurisdiction in each area.

We encourage each rider to become a member of your local ATV/UTV club to support the ongoing maintenance of trail/route signage and improvements.​​​​ ​Local ATV Clubs are the heart and soul of ATVing. It is at the club level where you will find like minded people who enjoy riding the routes and trails, working to keep the routes and trails open and safe, and contributing to the community .

Please contact the club in your local area for information on how you can get involved in the fun.
​Local clubs are your best source for:


Local alerts about route or trail closures. Weather and local authorities may temporarily close routes and trails – and – there are times when routes or trails are closed permanently due to people not following the rules. 

​ATV and UTV ordinances are not uniform across this region. County, city, village, and town ordinances may be different (more strict) than what are Wisconsin’s laws and regulations. ​ ​Check with your local area club to make sure!

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